Craig's Report - June 9, 1998

A Non Report

There really isn't much to report just yet.  The weather has been decent and times have been hectic with soccer games, track meets and other kid based activities.  Apart from the continuing construction in the Highline subdivision the only serious activity on the hill appears to be over by the Boom chair.

This shot was taken at the bottom of the chair and you can see how the run is being widened on the skiers right.  This should provide a wider area for skiing without being on the side slope on the skier's left.  There also appears to be the beginnings of what may turn into an extension of Linda's run right to the bottom of the lift, but so far there is no sign of anything up on the cat track.

There is also some activity at the base area.  The ski school is moving to where the rental shop was last year and Gabriella's will take over the entire main floor of that building.  The rental shop will move up to where the Ski Base was, and a new retail ski store will appear where the offices on the North of the building are.  These in turn will go downstairs behind the new Guest Services room that was put in last year (using up the rest of the old rental and shop space).  Rumour has it that the tractors will arrive to start the land scraping for the new lifts next week.

Other than that I am reduced to a picture of this tribe of Bambis which wandered by the other day (this was taken less than 10 m from the house) and of course ...

June09981.JPG (19810 bytes)the obligatory scenery shot, this time of Lizard Bowl with China Wall at the right.  Otherwise it has just been another couple of dull weeks in paradise. :-)

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