Craig's Report - May 29, 1998

A Soggy Couple of Weeks

After our long dry spell earlier this spring, the rain has been making up for lost time over the last couple of weeks.  This has pushed the river up significantly,  but barring major monsoons, flooding isn't supposed to be likely.

Sunshine returned yesterday long enough for me to get this shot of the mountain from the over on Cokato road.  As you can see the snow has retreated well up the hill, but the greenery has not minded the rain at all.  In fact I am starting to live in  fear of my mutant lawn.

Things have been quiet on the hill, with construction on various properties in the new subdivision charging ahead, but no sign of preparation for the coveted new lifts.   However the hill has announced that Leitner Lifts now has the contract for the new high speed quad up to the Timber/Siberia ridge and a fixed grip quad up to Currie/Timber.   They are supposed to be on site in June some time.

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