Craig's Report - April 12, 1998


It was overcast this morning, but the sun came out midmorning only to disappear again when I headed up the hill.  Cedar Ridge looked like it might be pretty rude, but although frozen underneath it wasn't particularly lumpy and a few centimetres of new dense snow gave a good grip for the first turn in any given spot.  Fortunately very few folks were heading that way and most of the hill was still covered even in the afternoon.   By contrast lower Cruiser had been groomed and was icy and unfriendly. North Ridge was different again withlots of mushy little moguls that were kind of fun, but you did have to watch for bare spots.

Sunnyside was similar to Cedar Ridge, although a little more scraped off.  You can now see some of alder tops reemerging in places, such as in this shot, but it is still pretty wide open.

Easter Bowl was another spot that I had some reservations about, but proved to be quite nice indeed with deeper new snow that pretty much completely masked whatever was underneath.  This was fairly dense stuff, but responded very well as long as you made all the proper requests.  Even Freeway was okay with enough mushy stuff to help with the still crisp spots.

I took a ride up the Deer chair to check out the snowmobile hill climb, pictured here near the start on Silver Fox.  It was pretty impressive watching these guys scream up Stag Leap, but I am not a very proficient spectator and only stayed for a few runs.  The ski back down Deer was very soft and sticky and would not have been much fun for beginners or lower intermediates.  Perhaps it was better over on Meadow, but I sort of doubt it.

As I headed home the sun started peeking out again.  Grrrr.

At 3:20 PM it is 5 C at the house with a mainly cloudy sky. One week left!

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