Craig's Report - March 30, 1998


Warm temperatures and weekend traffic have progressively consumed last week's powder.   Everything inbounds is now open, so I headed up the Face Lift about eleven this morning to check things out.  The traverse to Snake Ridge was so quick I did not feel my normal need to conserve every erg of kinetic energy and even stopped to take this picture of upper Cedar Bowl.

mar04982.JPG (19365 bytes)This shot is also of upper Cedar, but from the Snake end of the traverse.  Already the clouds were moving in.

I did a few turns on the upper part of Snake Main before catching the traverse to Red Tree.  Although heavily tracked, you could still get untouched turns here and there. The snow was a bit heavy in the sun and had the beginnings of a crust in the shade.   Not bad, but nothing like last Friday.

Red Tree (shown here from near the bottom) was well used, but generally soft; sort of half way between cut up and mogulled.  Once again fine, but not stellar.

My next run was down Cedar Ridge and this was similar to Red Tree on the top, but farther down it became an unpredictable mix of soft, even powdery snow, and hard icy bits.   This was difficult to ski smoothly and somehow seemed more like work than pleasure.

What was very good were the cruiser runs and even I had to admit that they were the sweet place to be today.  I did talk to one fellow who thought some of the Cedar Bowl runs were a bit icy, but it did not seem to be a problem to me as long as you could keep warp drive engaged.  I did do one more run down Sunnyside, which was starting to crisp up very quickly as the clouds came in, but otherwise just screamed down the cruisers.  I even trucked over to Blueberry from the Face Lift for my yearly cruise down there.  Its rolling terrain make it one of my favorite trucking runs and although a bit of untidy grooming meant keeping to sane speeds, it was still quite nice.  

At 2:20 P.M it is having a hard time deciding whether to be sunny or cloudy, although I think the clouds are going to get the upper hand.  At the house it is 7 spring C degrees.

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