Craig's Report - March 27, 1998

Spring Powder

Yesterday's snow had degenerated into a drizzle by the evening, so I wasn't too hopeful for today. However when we woke up the world was white again.  The hill was only claiming 14 cm of new, but it was snowing hard and there was still lots left over from the week's 60 cm+ total.  The Face Lift and upper Cedar Traverse were still closed, but everything else was open including the traverse into Cedar from Bear.  I started my day heading straight down there in lovely knee deep powder.  After crossing the cat track from Boom, I stopped to take this picture of the gentle trees along side Cruiser.  I normally skip these, but in soft conditions like today I find weaving through these guys is a real hoot.

Farther down traversed back on to Cedar Ridge.  This was still nice, but down this low (below the junction of Cedar Main and Cruiser) the soft stuff from yesterday had frozen under the new snow and it was a bit lumpy and bumpy.  Not bad mind you, but not the smooth delight of the upper stuff.

mar04982.JPG (19365 bytes)With everything open a trip over to Snake seemed like a good idea.  I stopped in the trees between Blueberry and Snake Main to grab this shot of inviting and unsullied chutes, but I continued on to Snake Main itself.   This was probably a mistake, for while the snow was wonderful and untracked, visibility was much worse than it would have been here.  Still damn nice skiing though.

I exited through lower Extreme Hazard and once again the frozen lumps etc. underneath made themselves known and presented a bit of a challenge to smooth skiing.

Everything up top was really great and the only negative I encountered was that North Ridge below the top of Haul Back was a bit icy, suggesting that things might not have been very pleasant if the new snow had not arrived.

For my final run I once again did the climb up into Easter Bowl.  This shot doesn't really convey how delicious all that untracked powder looked, but I can assure you that it not only looked great, but was a real treat to cruise down in its soft embrace.   There is something about lots of unmarked snow that is really hard to beat.

It was snowing very hard this morning, but has now stopped and there is even the odd spot of sun mixed in with dark clouds.  At 1:30 PM it is 0 C at the house.   Hmmm, late update - it has just started snowing quite hard again two minutes after I wrote the above.

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