Craig's Report - March 19, 1998

Spring Supreme

Since school is out this week in BC, we set off for an extended weekend shopping trip to Calgary last Friday.  As it happened we got caught in Calgary's now infamous March blizzard and weren't able to get back to Fernie until yesterday.  With Calgary snow pouring over the tops of our Sorels, we were anticipating having to dig our way into the house, but when we arrived the driveway was bare and there was considerably less snow in our front yard than the typical house in Calgary.

Apparently only a skiff or so arrived down at the bottom, but about 15 cm arrived up top on Monday and Tuesday.  The remnants of this was still available up off of the Face Lift and remained fairly light despite the bright warm weather.  As you progressed down the snow became a little chunkier and icy bits started to appear.   Farther down or on sun drenched slopes like Sunnyside, the afternoon snow was nice and mushy, although one had to beware of shady spots.  Of course the slopes below the bottom of Bear were kind of sloppy.

Coverage was good everywhere, but looking into the trees near the bottom it appears the lower base is pretty thin and it may be a struggle keeping it in shape for a full month until the April 19 scheduled close.  Despite the BC school holiday there were no crowds.  I know I couldn't interest our kids in heading out.

The conditions were good for pictures, so I will inflict all three pictures I took from the top of Face upon you.  This first is of Griz Face,

mar04982.JPG (19365 bytes)while this is of upper Cedar with Mt Fernie in the background and

this looks right up the Elk Valley.  Each picture was taken from roughly the same spot while turning progressively to the right.

At 3 PM it is sunny and 9 C at the house.

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