Craig's Report - March 7, 1998


The weekend crowds were back in force again today, making for what seems like the busiest month I can remember.  The new lifts promised for next year are seeming like a better and better idea. (See my development page for some news on what the Louise Group proposed at last night's open house).  All those skis did a good job of slicing and dicing last weeks powder.  There were still soft spots to be found in out of the way places like this spot on Cedar Ridge, but even in here you were just as likely to find a scraped mogul.

mar04982.JPG (19365 bytes)The quality of the ever present moguls, such as these under the Boom chair, varied from soft and fluffy to scrapped and hard, often in the course of the same turn.  Generally I guess things were pretty nice, but it was hard to get back into the spirit of moguls after last weeks little powder break.  The groomed runs I was on seemed to be in very good shape and held a great edge for cruising.

It went from sunny to cloudy and snowing back to sunny before seeming to settle on cloudy.  At 4:00 PM it is minus 2C down here and cloudy.  In fact I can barely see the top of the Bear Lift anymore and it certainly feels like some snow could happen, although I don't think any is forecast.

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