Craig's Report - March 6, 1998

Beautiful Day to be Born

It was a gorgeous morning in our little patch of paradise.  A bit chilly at -12C or so, but sunny and gorgeous.  This shot of Currie bowl from the road shows off some of the area that is supposed to be lift serviced next year.   Definitely looks tasty doesn't it.

As far as the skiing, it looked very nice, but I managed to break a buckle cable while putting on my boots.  I figured it wouldn't matter, but a couple of turns in bumps made me realize that Salomon apparently did know where to put their buckles and I cruised down on the groomed to go in search of a replacement.  The Ski Base in town was able to fix me up, but not before my allotted ski time was gone.  For what it is worth, the groom runs were just excellent and the off trail stuff looked very nice although well tracked.

mar04982.JPG (19365 bytes)This would hardly seem to be worth posting a report for, but in the wee hours of this morning my neighbors finally entered the ranks of grandparents. Jim and Isabel are fixtures on the mountain and the long suffering folks whose house often appears in these reports.  Truly dedicated skiers, here they are this morning at the top of Bear despite having just returned from the hospital.   Congratulations guys.  Oh I guess Paul and particularly Mandy also deserve some congratulations for their part in the arrival of their new baby girl> :-)

Okay, this might not have much to do with skiing, but humor me.  Besides many of you may know Jim and Is and if you look closely this is not a bad shot of the Face Lift and the obviously soft snow still available up there. 

At 3:30 PM the temperature at the house is just above freezing under a mainly sunny sky.

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