Craig's Report - March 3, 1998

Looking Good!

Well 'looking' might not be the right term, because it was quite foggy at times. It certainly did feel good though.  Rain started late yesterday afternoon and didn't change to snow at the house until around midnight.  This morning there was only a skiff of snow in the driveway, but it was ankle deep or better up on the hill and it has continued to snow all day.

The fog came in bands and often you could see pretty well as when I took this picture in Cedar Bowl.  These areas were soft, but you were still well aware of the harder stuff underneath and high traffic areas had scraped off spots.  The snow up top was surprisingly light given the warm temperatures and didn't really become sticky until quite near the bottom.  I managed a run in the trees to the right of Snake Main and here the base was almost completely masked by nice boot deep powder.  The KC chutes still have a rather lot of alders and the obvious routes had slick spots, but they still provided a nice ride down.

I had afternoon commitments, but I suspect conditions just continued to improve though the day and tomorrow promises to be the nicest day in a while.  At 4 pm it is continuing to snow fairly heavily and the snow in my driveway is now deep enough to bury my running shoes.  I am sure much more must have fallen up on the hill and the snow is supposed to continue through the night.  The temperature down here is right at the freezing mark.

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