Craig's Report - February 28, 1998

Griz Day Crowds

This picture of of Cedar bowl was actually taken yesterday, but it looked so much better than anything I could take under this morning's mainly cloudy skies I decided to use it anyway.   There was only a skiff of snow overnight, so while things are generally carvable, the snow is getting kind of tired.  Places like Kodiak, Freeway and other high traffic spots had lots of slick spots, but most of the spots I got to still held a good edge.

Here my son's friend, Eli, uses the tried and true nose furrow test to evaluate Cedar Ridge.   Since the slope stuck to his face rather than the other way around, the conditions were deemed acceptable.  In fact Cedar Ridge was generally quite nice despite being heavily mogulled.  You could even find the odd bit ankle deep soft stuff lying around in the trees.

feb209803.JPG (21851 bytes)Unfortunately the big news this morning was the enormous, at least to my thinking, lineups.  I took this picture in the Boom chair line up a little before lunch.  The lineups did shrink significantly over the lunch hour, but seemed to be growing again when I gave up a little before one.

feb28984.JPG (15934 bytes)This weekend is the Griz Days wrap up and that probably added to the crowds.  There are snow sculptures all around the hill and the half pipe has been prepared for tomorrow's dummy downhill, which is always lots of fun.

As it comes up on two thirty in the afternoon, the temperature at the house is just above freezing and the clouds are quickly giving way to sunshine.

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