Craig's Report - February 25, 1998

Pretty Pleasant

(Note: Please see the end of this report for some information about the ski hill development plans and open house.)

There was a little more snow Sunday night and I heard it was pretty nice on Monday, but I didn't get out for a look until this afternoon.  There were still plenty of people on the hill, particularly the lower mountain it seemed, but the lineups of last week had disappeared.

I took advantage of the almost absent line on the Face Lift to take a trip over to Snake for the first time in a while.  For some reason I took a flurry of pictures there and no where else, so I have this run pretty well documented.  This shot is from the top of the ridge looking back across the top of Snake Main at Cedar Ridge in the background.   You can see, at least in the larger version, the soft ankle deep snow that was still fairly plentiful over here.

The top of Extreme Hazard, pictured here, was well tracked, but it was still possible to make mainly soft turns down here.  Very nice, but one did have to keep exit routes in mind.

feb209803.JPG (21851 bytes)I chose the skiers right of Steep and Deep as my way down.  The snow continued to be very good, although well traveled in these confined quarters.  This little chute was quite passable, but the alders did close in somewhat as you went down.  All in all it was a pretty decent run.

Cedar Ridge and Sunnyside both had nice generally soft moguls and Cedar Ridge even had a little ankle deep soft stuff in places.  Easter Bowl was similar and the top part of the trees between the Windows Chutes was really very nice.  As you got farther down the snow became too thin to hide the slick surface underneath and the lower pinch point of the right chute was pure boiler plate which was, at least for me, just survival skiing.  Having made it through there I missed a simple turn on the relatively easy stuff above the cat track and proceed to plough straight into a rather unforgiving stand of alders.  Interesting texture, but not quite seasoned to my taste. :-)

At ten to four it is about 0C at the house and mainly cloudy with the odd sunny break.   Up on the hill it seemed much cooler, a bit windy and quite cloudy with a bit of light snow falling.  Visibility was sometimes a bit flat.

Expansion Plans and Open House

The ski hill is having another open house on March 6th from 4 to 8 PM in the daylodge, where they will reveal their latest plans for expansion.  They have apparently settled on one concept now and should have many of the details available for discussion at this meeting.  The bottom of the new lift is back where Heiko originally planned it and a new subdivision is planned South of the existing one.  I have posted a portion of their preliminary plan map (640 pixel, 1280 pixel) for discussion purposes.  This does not have all the details filled in and certainly may change, but it should be pretty close to their final concept.

If are interested and can make it to the meeting, great, but if not and you have comments please email them to the hill, or me or post them on the Ask Charlie forum.  If you own property on the hill, please send me a copy of your comments as our community association is anxious to hear of any concerns.

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