Craig's Report - February 14, 1998

Nice Day at the Zoo

It was a gorgeous, sunny day today and here a sun drenched Lizard Bowl glows above the beginner slope in this shot taken from the Mighty Moose.  Apparently lots of people thought it would be a nice day to go skiing and since Monday is a holiday in Alberta and some schools are beginning reading week, the line ups were pretty daunting this morning.

I say 'this morning' because just a couple of runs after dropping my daughter off for Nancy Greene, it was time to pick her up again for lunch. I decided I could spend my time in other ways, although the rest of the family stayed to tough it out.

We did manage a run down Cedar Ridge which had a few centimetres of nice new soft snow, although icy spots were also present in trafficked areas farther down.   Due to the line up on the Bear we did not get above the top of Boom, but I suspect the snow got progressively nicer the higher you went.  This shot shows a shady lower Cruiser witg Griz Peak and Upper Cedar above.

feb129803.JPG (25014 bytes)We took Sunnyside on our return trip and I found the center part quite soft and rather delightful, but my wife reported the more frequented right side had some scrappy bits.   Here my son skis through some of the soft but not very deep snow that characterized most of what we saw of the upper mountain.   A cruise down Freeway found the typical icy moguls, but with enough soft to make a reasonable trip down possible.  The lower runs were rather hard, but undoubtedly everything softened up later under the warm sun.

At 2:00 PM it is 4C at the house under a sunny sky.

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