Craig's Report - February 8, 1998

We didn't head out until just after noon today in the hopes of avoiding the icy residue from yesterday's soft conditions.  From what I heard in the locker room that was probably wise.  I spent almost the whole afternoon on the lower slopes except for one quick sweep through Cedar just after we arrived.  At that point they still had signs warning of the danger of long slides and advising not to go off the groomed, but the upper part of Cedar Ridge still provided decent edging although the bumps were certainly firm and lumpy.  This was not exactly enjoyable and it seemed to be getting less so as I descended, so I bailed above the gully to lower Cedar Main where I was surprised to find a couple of bare spots.  I found some more on China Wall on my way back to the lower runs.

It was snowing pretty hard up top by then and the bottom was getting very wet snow which was functionally equivalent to rain in terms of making you damp and miserable.   It did soften things up a lot though and pretty soon the bottom was getting rather slushy.  I heard later that the top also softened up quickly and was quite nice later in the afternoon.

jan07982.JPG (6135 bytes)Today was the day of the cardboard whatever race.   We didn't catch all of it, but I did grab a shot of this cardboard kayak trying to get the correct pointy end to the front.  They were supposed to stop on a bulls eye at the end of the course, but one of the highlights was an Aussie team that in typical down under go for it fashion was still accelerating at this point and proceeded on down through fleeing skiers and may well have ended up in the Ski Base.

By the time we left at about 3:30, I was shivering from the damp and relative inactivity of the bunny runs and the precipitation at the base had given up all pretense of being snow.

It is now a little after 5 PM and it is raining steadily at 1C down here at the house.

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