Craig's Report - February 6, 1998

Gorgeous Day

jan07982.JPG (6135 bytes)Although still early February, it was an absolutely gorgeous spring like day today, so I tottered out for a look about.  It was indeed lovely and there were a surprising number of people on the hill for a Friday. The coral at the Bear T-Bar was almost full when I got there, so  I guess lots of sun worshipers were taking advantage of a rare opportunity. For me it was great to be able to take some pictures of something other than shades of gray.

jan24982.JPG (23010 bytes)The line up for the Meat Hook (Face Lift pictured at left) was even worse.  It seemed like it took me ten minutes in line to get through it and I vowed to skip it for the rest of the day.  However when I was leaving at lunch time the line had evaporated allowing me a nice boost up to the upper traverse.

There is still a lot of mountain above the Face lift and while the signs say that skiing from the top of the ridge through the rock bands into the ski area is a no-no, there were some pretty impressive looking tracks up there.

feb03986.JPG (24577 bytes)This shot from the top of the Face lift showing of Griz Peak looming over some skier gives some  idea of how much more vertical there is above the ski hill. 

feb06984.JPG (24252 bytes)Here in the trees between Snake Main and Blueberry there was a skiff of new snow, but it was a bit lumpy and the skiing was better out on sun drenched Snake Main.   I was worried that it might get hard farther down and so slipped across the top of the KC Chutes, but I don' think I needed to worry.  I saw some folks coming down the lower part of Extreme Hazard and it looked soft and nice.

In fact everything seemed to provide excellent grip.  I had also wondered about lower Cedar Ridge, but while well mogulled, the snow was grippy right to the bottom.   The same even applied to Stag Leap and of course the cruisers were smooth and fast.

All in all it is pretty hard to find any complaints with a day like this other than the obligatory moaning about the lack of fresh powder.

It was still sunny and 7C at the house when I got home a little after 1:00 PM, but just before 3:00 PM it has dropped a couple of degrees and has clouded over.  Who knows what tomorrow might bring.

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