Craig's Report - February 3, 1998

Pretty Good, I guess.

jan07982.JPG (6135 bytes)At least that is what everyone kept telling me.  There has been no new snow for what seems like weeks now and I was suffering from withdrawal, but the cruisers and bumpsters and other life forms that appreciate the use of a good edge seemed delighted.  I must admit that while it was fun to play  the curmudgeon to this pack of Pollyannas, it wasn't bad at all and I did rather enjoy myself.

The conditions could generally be described as firm, but carvable.  There was surprisingly little evidence of ice and all I ran into was some hard pack down near the base.  I did hear folks scrapping their way down the often slick lower section of Cedar Main though.  Most  steep areas were like this section of Boomerang Ridge. There were lots of moguls, but they weren't overly pointy and would hold an edge just about anywhere.

jan24982.JPG (23010 bytes)There was some soft stuff in a few remote places and more outside the boundary as this picture of the ever luscious Fish Bowl suggests.  Even out there, there wasn't much that hadn't been tracked and the stuff in bounds was old and not very satisfying.

The cruising runs on the other hand were quick and sure footed.  The sun occasionally tried to push through the thin clouds, but only managed a few really bright bits of sky.  Still the visibility was good, the temperature pleasant and the crowds minimal.

feb03986.JPG (24577 bytes)Since most of the stuff in the Easter trees was essentially mogulled, I bypassed my favorite haunts on my exit run for a rare trip down Sky Dive.  This was a bit lumpy in places, but the skis carved all the way to the bottom and the bumps were not particularly malicious.   With some attention to technical details like edging and route selection, not strong items in my repertoire, a pretty decent run was possible.  Not a carefree powder plunge to be sure, but still fun in a chiropractic kind of way.

Yep, a pretty good day.  But now where is that damn fresh stuff?

At 4:30 PM it is calm, gray and -2C at the house.

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