Craig's Report - January 31, 1998

Warm and Soft

jan07982.JPG (6135 bytes)There has been no new snow for a while now and fresh tracks are getting hard to find inside the ski area.  Even in these trees between Cruiser and Cedar Main there were bumps everywhere.  You can also see from the shrouded Griz face that the sun the weatherman promised didn't materialize.

Still the skiing was very good or maybe even excellent in a spring kind of way.   The soft hero snow made all the bumps easy to carve and while cloudy the light was still good.  At least by the time I went out around noon, the frozen crunchies which I had experienced lower down a couple of days ago had melted into very friendly stuff.

It seemed quite busy today, with line ups at the Bear T-Bar often filling the corral.   Everything appeared to be open, but the line up at the the Face Lift was somewhat daunting.  Despite my sloth I hate waiting even more, so I actually climbed up into Easter rather than wait for the Meat Hook.  It was worth it for the exercise, but while the skiing was very good, it was not outstanding.  Almost everything was pretty well trodden, although you could find the odd spot with boot deep or less in it.

jan24982.JPG (23010 bytes)This shot was taken on the front face of the knob in Cedar Bowl with Cedar Ridge in the background.  No real story behind it; just another gray snow shot.

At 3:30 PM it is calm, gray and 2C at the house.

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