Craig's Report - January 24, 1998

A Bit Too Warm

jan07982.JPG (6135 bytes)As promised it was snowing nicely last night and the possibility of a scrumptious ski day seemed very real.  Then about four in the morning I awoke to the pitter patter, actually wind driven splatter, of rain against our bedroom window.  This was not good.  Fortunately when we got up in the morning the rain had stopped and the magic white line on the trees was almost down to the top of Deer.

The snow down low was soggy and sticky, but the stuff up top wasn't too bad; kind of like skiing in crumbly styrofoam.  Once you got used to it, there were lots of pleasant turns to be had.  However this snow had a Prussian streak.  "Place ski inappropriately und you vill be punished, promptly und severely".  As you proceeded lower tolerance levels dropped even further as the snow became heavier and stickier.  Fortunately it wasn't too deep on the lower groomed runs, but I can't imagine beginners had much love for it.

The shot above is from Cedar Bowl with Steep and Deep and Glades on the ridge behind and a sun dappled Mount Fernie in the background.

jan24982.JPG (23010 bytes)Here a friend of my son's pauses during his first ever trip down Sunnyside.  He did a pretty good job of it and I also had some nice turns down here as I did on Cedar Ridge and China Wall which didn't get really sticky until near the bottom.  I even survived a lumpy and pasty Kangaroo, but I can't claim that smoothness or finesse was a big part of the trip.

At 3:00 PM it is mainly cloudy with a very few blue spots and the thermometer claims it is 1C.  It feels warmer though.

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