Craig's Report - January 23, 1998

Looking Good

jan07982.JPG (6135 bytes)I was tired and cranky this morning and while I headed out for a few runs I really couldn't get into it and didn't stay long.  This was hardly the fault of the conditions though, as they were really rather good.  I heard it was excellent yesterday and I can well believe it.  There is still lots of loose stuff around, although it is pretty well tracked.  The snow was not heavy, but it wasn't light fluff either and seemed rather fast to me.  Where it hadn't been beaten down it was about boot deep and very pleasant, such as here on Snake Main.

It is overcast and snowing lightly with a total accumulation of 10 cm predicted for the valley in general.  This usually translates into a lot more on the hill, so things are looking pretty good for the weekend. All the usual cautions apply of course. Just before 1:00 PM it is -3 C at the house.

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