Craig's Report - January 18, 1998

Limited Report

jan07982.JPG (6135 bytes)Today was super demo days with the vendors setting up a little tent city of freebie demo skis and boards in front of the Griz Inn.   Both my wife and I wanted to sample their wares, but our nasty children could not be coaxed, coerced, bribed or beaten into taking ski lessons for the day. Since my wife's museum quality skis definitely gave her first claim, I was left on lower mountain duty with our six year old.  The ten year old boy was gracious enough to keep me company.

I can thus report that the snow on the lower mountain was generally pretty good, but that the warm temperatures had definitely made it rather sticky.  Our single trip over to Cruiser revealed that the snow in Cedar Bowl was still pretty fluffy if well beaten up and I heard rumours that the freshly opened Snake Ridge was pretty nice indeed.   There was no new snow overnight and it was definitely above freezing at the base under mainly cloudy skies.

jan18982.JPG (16731 bytes)Since my pictures are generally of the harder parts of the mountain I thought I would toss in a couple of the more sedate parts for those who might not have visited yet.  This one is of Silver Fox, the main run off of the Deer Chair, which is visible to the right of my patiently waiting son.

jan18983.JPG (16110 bytes)The new subdivision actually has ski runs running through it and this results in a couple of ski tunnels where the ski run goes under the vehicle road.  Here the dynamic duo head into one with the bottom of the Elk chair visible below. 

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