Craig's Report - January 17, 1998

A Really Good Day

Well at least I had a really good day; hopefully others did too.  I was determined to be miserable this morning; it was too warm, the line ups were long, a late family start meant things would be tracked out, but despite it all the day won me over.  It was overcast and even quite foggy at times, but the snow was surprisingly light and there seemed to be lots of it.  The moguls were designed for hero cuts and things just seemed to click easily.

Just after noon it appeared as if the threatened mix of rain and snow might occur after all.  It became very foggy and a light mist started to accumulate on goggles and seep into clothing.  A chair companion remarked it felt so much like the coast you could almost smell the salt water.  Fortunately this phase was soon replaced with some fairly heavy snowfall and life was good again.

It is warm though and my thermometer was reading plus 1 C when I got home.  The roads were slushy and the snow in the driveway was perfect snowball ammunition.  The snow has stopped for now and as always it is nearly impossible to predict what tomorrow brings.

jan07982.JPG (6135 bytes)The only picture I have to offer is this sad specimen from bush, er I mean Bear chutes.  I actually had a few rather nice turns though these twigs.  My son's friend informed me it was a pretty lame shot to include.  I fear he is right, but company has arrived and it will have to do.

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