Craig's Report - January 10, 1998

A Chilly and very brief day

jan07982.JPG (6135 bytes)The Powder Pup was not having a good day.   It was cold, he had a cold, the snow wasn't very friendly and neither was this little tree.  That about sums up what turned into a two run day.

It wasn't really all that cold, about -20C at the house, but it was enough to make equipment, snow and skiers all a bit stiff.  Untracked snow was still fairly light, but we found precious little of that in these Cedar center trees.  The chopped snow was still soft, but rather set up and grabby.  Probably still excellent skiing for those with a positive attitude, but that was noticeably lacking for us this morning.

jan05981.JPG (25248 bytes)All of Lizard was open except for the Face Lift and a cat working up there suggested there was hope for an opening later today.   Snake (in the background of this picture taken from the edge of Cedar Main)   was also closed and looked like it would serve up some very nice turns to those lucky enough to be there for its opening.

At 11:30 AM it is still -19C at the house and mainly overcast with a light wind.


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