Craig's Report - January 7, 1999

Still Waiting for New Snow

There was a skiff of snow on the upper mountain and in some places the blow in was enough to make a bit of difference, but it isn't the refreshing dump we need. The temperature was warmer today though which made the snow more willing to accept an edge. In fact most of the groomed runs were in fact quite good if your tastes run to that.

I spent my ski time today in a men's day class and most of it was on the groomed, but I still managed to blow myself away and achieve more unintended inverted air time than I have in a long time. Fortunately I landed on my head which contains nothing vital. <g>


We did finish off with a run down Easter Bowl which we hoped would have received enough blow in to be nice.

It didn't! The top part wasn't bad, but the term crud certainly comes to mind, while the bottom was still quite crusty.



It was pretty amazing to watch how 'Buck' could cruise down this stuff as if he were on Dipsy while the rest of us did our impressions of crazed mimes on bad drugs.



(Fernie Air Force Practices on upper Freeway)

To add to our humiliation a group of young immortals came flying down through this stuff and took some mega air off of a jump where Easter Bowl meets Freeway. This guy is actually going sideways and is in the middle of a helicopter that actually ended up with him still vertical.


The new Timber lift was closed all day due to some sort of electrical problems.

At 7:00 PM it is 1 C at the house with nothing obvious falling from the sky.

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