Craig's Report - January 2, 1999

Two Beer Report!

That is what my skiing and beer drinking partner insisted must be the title of this report in the interests of full disclosure and prospective visitor warnings. ;-)

It was an absolutely gorgeous day here. Living here all the time we undoubtedly get a little jaded, but a day like today still inspires appreciation for the beautiful surroundings. It was a bit cold, minus 15 C this morning, but certainly tolerable and well worth the brilliant sunshine.


There has been no new snow, so moguls were the name of the game on the more popular ungroomed slopes such as Boomerang, Sunnyside et al. In some places like upper Kodiak, the pointy little devils were definitely not to my liking, but in other place, like ...


Sunnyside, they were rounded and smooth carving.


Off the beaten pack there was more fine untracked breaking crust than a mortal could ever want to ski. <g> This picture of the power line heading up to Iron Pass was taken from Red Tree. Despite the holiday crowds, surprisingly few folks seemed to find the joy in traversing over here for a seemingly endless sequence of jump turns in the crunchies. :-)

Actually the crust was not all that bad and even kind of fun in an overly aerobic kind of way.

The groomed runs were firm but generally carved well and would probably be considered very good to excellent by folks not pining for the next dump.

The Timber Chair did not open today and appears to be on a day to day basis until they get their certificate.

At 5:40 PM it is -13C at the house and clear.

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