Craig's Report - December 29, 1997

And then came Rain

It started getting warmer last evening and slowly the light snow turned to light rain.  This morning it is 4C out there and while the rain seems to have stopped, it certainly did a number on the snow in our yard.  I can only assume it was less than helpful to the already malnourished lower slopes.  You may be able to tell from this picture that the rain line was quite high, probably near the top of Bear at least.  It sounded like a major artillery barrage was taking place up on the hill this morning as they did their avalanche control, but whether this was due to lots of snow up high or just rain I don't know.

Since I have a lot of things I need to do this week, this would seem to be a good time to get at them, so I will probably not have an on slope report for a bit.

BTW this is a good example of why I really cannot give a reasonable answer to those folks who write and ask me what I think the conditions will be like in couple of days, weeks or even months.  It was excellent 48 hours ago and yesterday afternoon there seemed to be a pretty good chance it would be excellent today (maybe it is way up top).   It could easily be excellent again in another 24 or 48 hours or it could be just awful.  Unfortunately my crystal ball just can't seem to tune this stuff in. <g>

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