Craig's Report - December 23, 1997

There was still soft snow up top this morning, but it was a little too dense to really call powder. In fact some folks seemed to find it a bit grabby and all too willing to misdirect a ski. Not me of course, nope, nope, not me. <g> The skiing was still pretty nice although alder dodging was the name of the game off run and even on run in some places. Here Alder Boy (aka my son Davin) navigates a field of twiggy stuff on Sunnyside.

Some of the lower stuff seemed a little more tattered than before. For instance Power Trip seemed to have more firm areas as well as more grass showing through, although nothing seemed to cause any injury to my skis. Still the skiffs of snow we have been getting are not quite enough to keep up with even the light holiday traffic.

Lift lines today were essentially nonexistent. Face Lift, the upper bowls, Easter and Snake all remain closed. Granted Easter and Snake look pretty bushy, but it would be nice to see some more stuff open up to increase variety. All in all another good dump would certainly be welcome.

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