Craig's Report - December 13, 1997

Beautiful Sunny Day; Mmmmph!

Still no snow and while it was a beautiful day, a nice blizzard would have been much prettier to my eyes. The picture at right shows the remarkable lack of snow on the approach road to the base area. A truly sad sight. I am starting to wonder if a green Christmas might actually be a possibility. I sure hope not.

There was skiing here today though and lift operated skiing at that, at least if you are willing to count the Mighty Moose. :-) The hill had apparently flexed it rather weak snow making muscles to cover the bunny slope and was running the poma. I have no idea if this was open to the public, but there were a few folks sliding down the gentle pitch. Outside the snow making area the grass still poked through and although it is hard to see in this picture that includes most of Elk and the other lower runs.

They are predicting a chance of flurries for Sunday night and Monday, so perhaps there is some relief on the way. What is really needed though is a good old Fernie storm rather than a few flurries.

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