Craig's Report - November 21, 1997

More Snow, but not enough

It was snowing when we got up yesterday and it snowed fairly hard for a good part of the day. Unfortunately by evening the snow had turned to rain at the house which occasioned a general chorus of moans. As it turned out the rain did not extend too far up the mountain, but with only a week to go until the scheduled opening, a lot more snow is needed. This picture was taken where Dipsy and Lizard Trail meet and the snow here was about ankle deep under a light crust.

The hill could really use about another metre of snow before opening. It is certainly possible to get that much in a week, but I understand they will be making a decision about the November 28 opening on Monday. The odds of getting sufficient snow by then seems pretty remote. It is clouding over a bit now (1:30 PM), but the temperature is still about 5C on my porch.

In comparison look at last years conditions. Sigh...

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