Craig's Report - October 9, 1997

El Nino? I don't see no stinking El Nino!

That little jest will possibly come back to haunt me later in the winter, but just now conditions are anything but the 'drier and warmer than normal' predicted for this area. It has been cool and rainy all week and the snow line has slowly crept down the mountain until it arrived in our yard today. It wasn't much snow, particularly not for you Calgarians, but Mr. Corn was not impressed.

As you went up the mountain, the snow depth increased until it was all the way up to my shoe laces at the Bear's Den. If you had short feet you could probably call it ankle deep. :-)

There was probably a lot more further up the hill, but it was quite foggy and time constraints and to be honest, general sloth, kept me down low. However it was surely a lot different than on this day last year, when I biked up to the top of Bear in warm dry conditions.

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