Craig's Report - September 2, 1997

The kids disappeared off to school this morning in their big yellow limo and thus officially ended the summer season. Fernie has been blessed with terrific weather this summer and it continues to be very nice. Still the lush greens of summer are starting to give way to the golden hues of fall as suggested by yesterday's picture of the Boom lift.

This shot of the village pond taken this morning up by the school bus stop also has a late summer feel to it.

Just to show that Fernie isn't all boondocks and has some culture, I am also including a picture from this weekend's demolition derby. :-) I have never been to a demo derby before and so I don't know what they are like in the city, but they are surely different than this classic small town event. The cars were close enough to spray you with dirt, the mayor was the announcer (he even managed to kiss a baby) and the crowd of 1100 was considered very respectable. It was raw, dirty, loud and a surprising amount of fun.

Some folks have been asking about season pass rates for the packages that include more than Fernie, so I have added those prices to the lift rates page. I think all the information there is now correct, but of course the ski hill is the final authority on that. The ski hill also has a promotional sheet out with the monthly snowfall totals going back to 1984. I thought that was pretty interesting, so I have put it on the site as well and highlighted the El Nino years. Click here to check it out.

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