Craig's Report - April 13, 1997 - 3:30 PM

That's All Folks

Clouds kept most things hard today, making for a less than inspiring closing day. The weather got in a last cruel jab when afternoon snow flurries up top promised fresh stuff for tomorrow. Sigh ...

Overall it was a great season. December was absolutely awesome and I think I had my powder cords on virtually the whole month. Unfortunately it rained on New Year's eve breaking the powder streak and dampening many folks vacations. The hill recovered quickly, but did not really achieve greatness again until the third week of January which climaxed in an absolutely fantastic Friday. This was probably the best day I can remember since the fabled Champagne Tuesday of six (?) years ago. In contrast February, while probably objectively excellent, did not measure up to the expectations created by the great season start. The beginning of March brought a return a return of powder weather and most of March was pretty nice, but a hoped for a last powder fix in April never materialized, at least not up until now.

Despite the season's great snow conditions I have heard that skier visits were down significantly this year for the second year in a row. I suspect he glitz and marketing power of the large resorts must be pretty hard for small operations like Fernie Snow Valley to compete with, even when they have great snow.

So that's it for the season. I want to thanks all those folks who sent me encouraging messages.

Have a great summer everyone.

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