Craig's Report - April 11, 1997 - 3:30 PM

The End is Near :-(

It has been fairly cool this week with no significant precipitation. This conjured up hard and unfriendly thoughts, so I haven't been out the last few days. I did get out this afternoon for a couple of quick runs and it was pretty nice spring skiing. It is a beautiful cloudless day with the temperature now up to about 5 C at the house. On the hill the afternoon sun has made corn of the exposed slopes. Pretty nice! Of course shady areas can be pretty firm and I imagine the morning was rather quick. :-) If you scrounged around on the shady slopes (Fish) you could still find the odd patch of powder left over from about two weeks ago.

It was a beautiful day for taking pictures, but alas when I got to the top of the Face Lift I discovered there was no tape in the camera. Grrrr!!

There is lots of snow still. In fact they pretty much had to dig a trench down to the road for the bicycles in tomorrows Powder Peddle Paddle race. Normally the ski bike transfer takes place is in slush and puddles by the ski racks, but this year even down at the house there is a couple of feet of snow in my yard and big snow banks beside the street. The roads are pretty much dry and swept though.

Two days to go - sniff.

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