Craig's Report - April 7, 1997 - 4:30 PM

Not so Hot (Literally)

I didn't go out yesterday, but everyone I talked to said it was a great spring skiing day. The sun was back today, but the temperatures stayed cool and that combined with a bit of wind kept virtually the whole mountain frozen. Even Sunnyside was a frozen slush statue at two this afternoon. Cedar Ridge did still have a few powdery turns, but these were so well mixed with slick spots and other crud that the ride down was far from relaxing. The Boomerang run was closed due to the hard conditions. The place was well groomed though and while these runs were generally quite hard, they would hold a fair edge.

The cooler temperatures aroused wistful yearnings for one last wintry dump before the season close next Sunday. Apparently the ski patrol were under no such delusions as they were busy collecting the avalanche closure signs from Lizard bowl for summer storage. 'Twas a sad sight indeed.

It is currently about 2 C at the house with a mix of sun and cloud.

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