Craig's Report - April 5, 1997 - 3:30 PM

It was another lovely spring day here in Fernie. I may not be a fan of spring skiing, but even I was sold. To be sure there was lots of hard icy stuff, particularly in the morning, but the sky was clear and the sun soon made corn on slopes like Sunnyside. You did have to be careful of shady spots though as the . Fish could even still dole out a little left over powder, although the exit down lower RedTree was rather crisp.

The snowmobilers were doing their thing on Silver Fox and Stag Leap and it was pretty impressive to see how they could climb that slope; most of them anyway. Rather scary watching them slide after wiping out though. Just where do they get those guys who volunteer to be snowmobile catchers?

It is currently about 6 C and sunny, with just the odd puffy cloud.

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