Craig's Report - April 4, 1997 - 1:00 PM

A Winter Tease

It snowed quite hard for a while last night, raising hopes of at least one more day of fluff. Unfortunately the morning brought only a skiff down at the house. There was a bit more high up on the mountain, but generally not enough to mask the crunchy conditions underneath. The groomed runs were fast and while you could carve them, they were firm and noisy.

There were exceptions though and not surprisingly the best I found was in Fish Bowl. Here is a mini panorama showing the gentle slopes and ankle deep powder of upper Fish Bowl. The town of Fernie is visible in the valley to the left.

Fish was pretty nice almost all the way down, with only the very occasional hint of anything crunchy underneath. The same could not be said of Cedar Ridge, the Bear Chutes or Easter Bowl. All had a nice, but rather thin layer of new snow, but there were also lots of reminders that evil lurked below. All were worth skiing, but not quite with abandon.

With just over a week to go in the season, there is still lots of snow even right at the bottom. The bunny slopes have been rather under represented in my pictures, so here is a shot of the base area and the poma and Elk chair loading areas. That is Mount Fernie in the background. I have yet to see anything like a bare spot anywhere.

Tomorrow they are going to race snowmobiles up Stag Leap. Not being a snowmobiler, this sounds like an activity reserved for the neuron deficient, but it should be pretty interesting to watch. <g>

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