Craig's Report - March 30, 1997 - 4:00 PM

I hear it was a bit nippy up on the hill first thing this morning, but when I went up at about 10:30 it was already quite warm. Everything was open and the top of the hill still had some pretty nice soft stuff. A cruise over to Fish was particularly rewarding as you might gather from this shot looking at upper Snake Ridge from just over on the Fish side. The snow here was was only a tad heavy and the skiing was pretty nice, however down near the bottom of Red Tree the snow was very soft and heavy. Your basic gruel skiing. <g>

The early afternoon was very warm and sunny and the snow exposed to the sun got pretty mushy. Even Kangaroo was pretty decent in a moguled kind of way. Cedar Ridge however was in the shade and maintained lots of fairly soft but not too heavy snow. It did get rather heavy towards the bottom and there were some icy spots lurking about, but it was still pretty nice.

Late this afternoon it began to get hazy and there is now a high light cloud. It is also cooling off, but it is still 8 C at the house.

I took more pictures than I could use for this report and couldn't decide which ones to turf, so here are few that I thought some folks might find interesting. This one shows the gun tower and the top of the Bear T-Bar from the Cedar Bowl side.

I figure this poor lonely tree on upper Cruiser deserves some sort of award for determination. It certainly looks lonely at this time of year.

Here Griz face towers above Cedar Main. The trees to the left often have a few tasty turns and are a good place for novice tree skiers to start.

My apologies for all the pictures. I will try to be more decisive in the future. :-) BTW looking at these it is hard to believe that the hill will be closing after the Powder, Peddle and Paddle race in two weeks. Obviously it won't be for lack of snow.

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