Craig's Report - March 25, 1997 - 4:00 PM

Yet Another Beautiful Spring Day (Yawn)

Okay I am not the world's biggest fan of spring skiing, but it is pretty nice to get out in all that sunshine and warmth and kick some slush. It started out pretty cloudy this morning, but by lunch it was all bright warm sunshine. It's probably a good thing, because when I first went out just after noon, even Sunnyside was still a bit stiff, although not really icy. A couple of runs later though, it was nice and soft.

Most of the steep runs were closed due to ice when I got out, but they were busy opening the sun soaked stuff by about 1:30, although caution was probably still a good idea. Even Snake was opened up, but I didn't get over there.

The Face Lift was open and all of the avalanche debris and the rain ripples up on the ridge made for pretty cool looking terrain. Lot's of stuff was groomed though, so the skiing was fine in a cruiser kind of way.

It is an incredibly balmy 16 C at the house right now and still sunny. The snow around the house is dropping pretty fast, but the coverage on the hill is still excellent.

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