Craig's Report - March 23, 1997 - 2:30 PM

Beautiful (but limited) Spring Skiing

The gnomes at the Department of the Environment missed the mark again and instead of "mainly cloudy" and the resulting miserable ice, we had a beautiful sunny day. Anything that the sun got to was soft and fun, but virtually all of the steep slopes, with the exception of Sunnyside, sported ice closure signs. Sunnyside was a blast and by the mid afternoon slopes like the Punji Chutes were well sun soaked and looked like they would be great.

The signs stayed up though and lots of people just ignored them and skied the closed areas anyway. This is unfortunate because it devalues the impact of the closures. One can imagine Fred Dweeb the next morning, "Aw come on, those signs don't mean nothin. I skied this yesterday and it was great" as he prepares for his great luge ride down to some big old spruce.

The Face Lift was still closed, but they seemed to be working diligently at getting it open. The helicopter was up yesterday blasting on the ridge with some impressive results as this shot of Lizard Bowl shows.

It is currently a pleasant 7 C in bright sunshine at the house.

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