Craig's Report - March 21, 1997 - 12:30 PM

Spring is now officially here and to make the point I saw my first robin of the season just outside the daylodge. He probably arrived by ark during the torrential rain of the last few days. The rain had stopped by yesterday morning and I heard that the hill was soft and nice yesterday, but I was too zogged from an all night battle with a small river that seemed intent on turning my basement into a swimming pool to bother checking it out..

This morning the snow was crisp and icy anywhere the sun didn't get. Steeper runs like Snake Ridge and Cedar Ridge were closed due to ice. Even where the off trail was open, the frozen lumps and bumps made it suitable only for those with a serious knee brace fetish. So I tried a few of the groomed runs. Cruiser had a two or three cat wide icy track down it. Lower North Ridge was soft. Arrow was hard, but Bear got soft about half way down. Elk, and I imagine most of the lower trails, were kind of slushy. Sad to say, Bear was probably the best ride of the morning.

A bright sunny day could result in some pretty nice spring skiing , but it looks like the sun is slowly losing the war with the clouds and it is forecast to be cloudy tomorrow. It is warm having already manage 4 C at the house.

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