Craig's Report - March 16, 1997 - 12:00 PM

It was snowing hard last night and I awoke to the sound of an explosion at 7:20 this morning. To paraphrase Robert Duval, I love the sound of an avi blast in the morning. But wait. What's this? Warm? It rained! Grrr!

However he rain had stopped and the trees were white from below the bottom of the Bear lift, so I headed up for a look. The Face Lift and Easter Bowl were closed, but everything else was open and not much was tracked. I decided to start with a cruise down the center Cedar trees and was somewhat disappointed to find it a little bit crusty and grabby. As I proceeded down the KC chutes the light crust disappeared and the snow just became heavy. My disappointment soon disappeared as I got in the heavy snow groove and found lots of nice places to cut tracks. Like all heavy snow it was not forgiving of mistakes, but it was soft and smooth and cut a good turn. Basically it was a blast. I even found the groomed runs to be very sweet with excellent confidence inspiring grip.

Mommy, why do they call it Extreme Hazard? Well not only is the sucker pretty steep, it has rather a lot of shrubbery to avoid, not to mention the problem of making sure the snow sticks. For my travelogue collection I managed to find a spot to stop and grab this shot across the hill,

and one straight down from the same place. Trust me, when you are there it is steeper than it looks in these pictures. <g> This is definitely not recommended unless the snow is very good and you are reasonably comfortable with tight steep spots in the trees. It was pretty nice today though.

There is currently a mix of sun and clouds and it is 3 C at the house.

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