Craig's Report - March 13, 1997 - 3:00 PM

No new dumps, but still pretty nice

I'm sorry to report to all those Albertans wallowing in snow that we did not get any big dumps in the last couple of days. There is still some nice snow to be found in places, as shown in this Fish Bowl picture (click on it for a larger version). The snow was a little less than boot deep, very light and silky. Way down low there was just a hint of crust underneath, but nothing particularly disturbing.

Everything was open, including the face lift, and there was still some untracked lines up in the bowls, but most areas were pretty well used. Even this guy had to cross tracks over on 2000 foot <g> (please excuse the extreme telephoto).

Having been attacked by some sort of cold virus last night, I only did a couple of runs, but most of the steeper stuff appeared to have nice soft big moguls. If they were like the ones I did get to on Sunnyside, they would be pretty pleasant. For the Corduroy Cowboys out there, for once there were lots of nicely groomed runs.

It was a bit chilly this morning (-15C), but it has warmed to -4C this afternoon and the sun is quite warm.

My cold may keep me off the slopes for a bit, which brings up the idea of maybe having a place where other folks could post there opinions on conditions. I am trying to start a thread about this on the new FernieTalk forum, so drop in and let us know what you think.

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