Craig's Report - March 10, 1997 - 12:30 PM

Marvelous March Morning

The mist I reported on last evening changed to really heavy1 snow shortly after I posted the report. This continued at least until we went to bed. This morning there was a little snow in the driveway, but up on the hill all traces of yesterdays tracks had been erased and it was a bright sunny morning. This shot shows the first few tracks down the KC chutes and also how effective a 420 cm base is at hiding all those alders that make this area all but impassible early in the season.

On my way to Fish I took this shot down Snake Ridge which was slowly filling in with tracks. The snow on this side was in the sun and started to get a heavy pretty quickly. There were no tracks at all in Fish and it was pretty nice if slightly wind packed. On my way up the lift I talked with a regular who thought today's snow was much better than yesterdays. In fact he did not think yesterday was very good. This just shows the diversity of opinion on snow since I thought the quality of the snow was much better yesterday. Admittedly it was more tracked and visibility was marginal, but I preferred the actual feel of the snow.

It is very warm (4 C) and sunny, although as I write this some pretty big clouds seem to be rolling in.

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