Craig's Report - March 8, 1997 - 3:00 PM

There was no new snow overnight, but conditions were still pretty nice if not always overly forgiving. The Face Lift remained closed, but everything else was open, some of it for the first time in a few days. Snake Main had boot deep fairly heavy soft snow. This carved well, but was not tolerant of any mistakes, particularly where it was cut up. In contrast Steep and Deep had what felt like a wind pack that you stayed up on top of, but was great carving snow and very nice skiing.

It seems that all my pictures recently have been on Steep and Deep and today is no exception. Here my friend Kevin carves through some of that soft pack on the upper part,

and here slips through a gully in the steep part.

The mogul runs we tried were soft and friendly and Easter was pleasant if again a bit heavy. The conditions were generally sunny and temperatures warm. It is currently 5 C at the house.

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