Craig's Report - March 6, 1997 - 12:30 PM

Another Powder Cord Morning

I just love it when you can just leave the powder cords on your skis day after day. :-) It started to snow yesterday evening and by morning there was boot high powder in our driveway. I had volunteered to go to a school parent committee meeting at 11:00 AM and was rather morose about missing a fine powder morning, but a call came at 9:30 that the meeting was cancelled due to poor road conditions. Alright!

I thus missed the opening and by the time I got up the powder munchers had already been busy despite the ski hill road being closed for a time. Still by careful route selection and by exploiting my intimate friendship with our coniferous friends I was able to get in many a fine turn. Face shots were plentiful and everything was soft and sweet.

One worrisome note is that the temperature has be climbing quickly and is already about 0 C. It appears to be snowing lightly; at least I think it is snow.

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