Craig's Report - March 5, 1997 - 3:30 PM

Another Nice Day in Paradise :-)

Computer battles kept me inside yesterday and I apparently missed a great day. BTW my apologies to any who experienced problems during my recent server transplant adventures. I think the worst is over, but there still might be a few bumps.

We didn't get any more snow overnight, but even so today was definitely not shabby. Almost everything was soft although you could find the odd icy spot between fluff mounds in high traffic areas. They opened everything but the Face Lift today and in places that had not seen recent traffic, the skiing was superb. In particular there were places in Fish Bowl and some parts of the upper Extreme Hazard area of Snake that had lovely thigh deep powder. More frequented areas of Snake, including much of Steep and Deep were limited to boot high or a little better. Not that this was bad at all as you might gather from this shot of my neighbor Cindy on Steep and Deep.

A little further down Cindy for some reason accosted an innocent tree which was minding its own business.

Despite the resulting intimate embrace, both tree and skier escaped unscathed. <g> Sorry Cindy. Gee I wonder if pictures like this will make it hard for me to find folks to ski with?

It is currently about -3 C and cloudy. The original forecast of afternoon snow hasn't materialized, but they are still calling for flurries tonight and tomorrow.

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