Craig's Report - March 3, 1997 - 4:30 PM

Still Great!

I hadn't intended to go out today, but a few new centimetres of snow in the driveway convinced me that it was worth a look. It was. Conditions were much like yesterday, with soft boot high or better powder almost everywhere. There was more closed today though, with upper Lizard and the traverse into Cedar from the T-Bar joining the Face Lift and the upper traverses on the closed list. However the traverse from the top of Boom over to Steep and Deep was still worth it, even if it did mean missing the top of the run.

There were lots of enthusiastic comments on the lifts and most folks seemed to think the conditions were even better than yesterday. Just to be a spoiler I would point out it wasn't universally blissful and in some trafficked spots ice patches appeared as the snow got scrapped off. Also I can report that the right most Windows Chute was rather icy under the new snow. I can also report that if you are stupid enough to blow out of a ski just above the bottom narrow spot in that chute you will slide and it is a very steep climb back for your ski. <g>

Still there was a lot of excellent skiing available and more "flurries" are forecast.

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