Craig's Report - March 2, 1997 - 4:00 PM

A Delightful Weekend

By this morning, the frequently snow falls of the last few days had made for outstanding conditions throughout the area. It wasn't a mega powder day, but it was soft and light almost everywhere and in many places faces shots were common. Also, unlike the big dump days, they managed to keep almost everything open, although the Face Lift and the Cedar High traverse were closed.

It had been nice enough yesterday that the Powder Pup, my nine year old son Davin, even deigned to ski with his old man this morning. We found nice freshies on Cedar Ridge, but the highlight was Steep and Deep. Davin had never skied it before and pronounced it most satisfactory. It is a hard run to beat on a fluffy day, especially now that the worst of the alders are covered.

Here Davin is negotiating some of the trees between the Window Chutes. This far down the snow wasn't always quite deep enough that you couldn't feel stuff underneath, but it was still pretty nice. In any event the focus of attention in here tends to be on the trees. <g>

This afternoon was the end of Griz Days and that means Dummy Downhill day. The soft snow kept speeds down and hence air time, but there were still lots of bizarre entries, such as this train that didn't quite make it. I really liked the guy flying behind the lawn mower, but unfortunately I didn't get a decent picture of it.

It is warm this afternoon (3 C) and there are even occasional sunny breaks mixed it with the odd light snow flurry.

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