Craig's Report - February 28, 1997 - 2:00 PM

The weather report had promised 10 cm of new snow in the valley for Wednesday night, but all that arrived at the house was about 1 cm. There was probably more on the hill, but I didn't venture out for a peek until today. There was a little bit of fluff off trail, but there were still lots of crunchy bits on the groomed and mogul runs.

More snow would definitely be nice and the buzz on the hill was all about the rumored 20 or 25 cm supposedly on the way for tonight. If it does come this time, it might well be nice since the temperature is a little cooler. It is currently about -3 C at the house, but it feels cooler up on the hill.

Some folks who have subscribed to the mailing list have asked about why they don't get the pictures. Since many mailers might not handle them elegantly, I do not include the pictures in the email. I'm afraid those folks will have to come here if they want to see the pictures. Speaking of which...

Ever take a look back at the gnarly bit on the traverse into Easter Bowl (at snow fence)? It looks even uglier from this direction. <g>

The snowboarder who went down this gully surely did a better job of it than I did. In fact I bailed out and just skied in the trees, but then I hate gullies anyway. This is between Sky Dive and Decline down near the bottom where you normally head out to Decline. Now I know why.

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