Craig's Report - February 26, 1997 - 1:00 PM

It's trying really hard to be nice

I don't think it snowed much overnight, but it was snowing pretty hard this morning and there was ankle deep or better powder in most places on the hill. Unfortunately this was not enough to hide the lumpy remnants of the warm weather, but it was a nice start. One of the boards on the hill proclaimed "POWDER Everywhere Excellent". Obviously the author had not skied Sunnyside which had a slick ice glaze with a powder covering that did little to improve grip, but did hide what was coming. Overall though it was pretty good and the North facing slopes like Cedar Ridge. Easter and Fish were certainly more than adequate. Fish actually had smooth powder perhaps boot high, although as you got lower you started to feel the lumps underneath again. Unfortunately the Face lift was closed, so to sample Fish you had to take a fairly long traverse for a pretty short run.

They are predicting 10 cm of snow for the valley tonight. The hill usually gets considerably more and although believing weather forecasts is a dubious habit to get into, it is at least a hopeful sign. It is currently about -1 C at the house and cloudy but not snowing.

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