Craig's Report - February 24, 1997 - 3:00 PM

It was a perfect spring skiing day; sunny, warm and the snow was soft. There was no new snow and the stuff within the ski area was well used, so the day's diet was mainly moguls. There was a little blown in snow in Fish and although Cedar Ridge was well moguled, its snow was still generally soft and undamaged by the sun. These shady slopes were probably the place to ski in the morning before the sun softened the southern slopes, although by the time I got out this afternoon almost everything was quite soft. Sunnyside was agreeably slushy and Steep and Deep was cut up and heavy, particularly near the bottom where is was well sun baked. So for the folks who like to broil while they ski, it was presumably a great day. As for me I think I will need a little powder to get my ski juices flowing again.

It is currently sunny and a tropical 8C at the house.

No one took a guess at the locations of the pictures in the last report. Were they that tough or is there no one out there anymore? ;-)

Today's travelogue:

Looking up at Griz Peak from the top of the Face Lift

Looks tempting doesn't it? This is part of 2000 foot which is outside of the ski area on the other side of Fish Bowl. If you plan to head over there you better know what you are doing though. Last month two very experienced back country skiers were seriously injured in an avalanche on this slope.

A different perspective on Cedar Bowl. This is taken from Steep and Deep and shows Spruce at the left, lower Cruiser in the middle and part of Cedar Ridge at the upper right.

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