Craig's Report - February 21, 1997 - 4:30 PM

It was clear last night, so I thought it might be somewhat crunchy today. That didn't seem to happen. At least when I got out this afternoon conditions were still pretty good. There wasn't much that hadn't been skied, but the North facing ridges were pretty nice. The south facing slopes were a little cruddy where the sun had been on them and Sunnyside had a fair number of pretty big icy patches. Still there was lots of good skiing, although I seemed to have a surplus of tips and a deficit of edges today. :-)

When I got there, the Quad was broken and there was an enormous line up on the deer chair. The traverse over to Boom was pretty crowed and on one corner some poor soul fell and was promptly skied into (fortunately slowly) by several other skiers. It was all pretty humorous In a Keystore Kops kind of way. The Quad was revived later in the afternoon.

The Face Lift and the high traverses were still closed, but as I am writing this I can hear them blasting the cornices from the helicopter.

For something different I am going to make you guess what slopes are in today's pictures. For extra points, see if you can guess where I took the pictures from. Picture 1

and picture 2.

As you can see it became cloudy in the afternoon, but was nice and sunny in the morning. It is currently about 2C.

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